Welcome to Alsalama College of Science & Technology

About the library :

It is the main library in Alsalama college for science & Technology .it aims to provide information resources with respect to both paper and electronic study Books and references.It also provides periodicals and references which support study curricula and syllabi in the following programs

Electrical Engineering –Architecture – Administrative Science – law – Interior Design- Information Technology – Civil Engineering – Mechanic Engineering .

In organizing its collections, the library depends on the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) and Anglo-American Cataloging Rules plan for rating.

Library Divisions:

It consists of two divisions : Books library (paper oriented) which contains more than (2400) References , textbooks , and Scientific Journals written in both Arabic Language and English Language .The number of books in Arabic amounts to 1500 books ,and the number of books in English amounts to 900 books. The library covers more than 999 different fields of Knowledge such as Computer Science ,Religious studies ,Social & Economical studies ,law, Languages ,Pure science ,Math ,Chemistry ,physics ,Applied science , Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering , Construction Engineering , Accounting & Finance ,Business Administration , Architecture and Interior Design & Decoration.

The Electronic library contains 20 PCs with easy internet access. It is well accommodated and furnished as having e-books,e-learning websites, and other technical supports.

Library Services :

The library offers its services to all college enrolled students and staff with an ambitious plan to host other universities' students.
The library also provides accretion, cataloging, archiving, classification, copying, enquiry and referential services.

Opening Hours:

The library is open every day from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (Except on Fridays and National holidays).

Contact us:

E-mail : library@acst.edu.sd

Sahar Hamid Koko
Ibrahim Bakheet Makeen
Assistant Librarian