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Diploma in Interior Design

Admission Code 0000
Classification Diploma
Course Mode Full Time
Course Duration 3 Years (15 weeks per semester)
Intakes September


Interior design is a new subject at global level. Therefore, it necessitates the introduction of this subject in Alsalama College of Science and Technology to be added as a qualitative field in the education system in Sudan.

Degree awarded:

The program offers a diploma degree in the interior design.


To make the interior design program unique in the preparation of qualified cadres in the design, implementation and administration areas.


The provision of quality education which enables the graduates to lead and excel in their professions , community service and humanity through fruitful ideas and constructive cooperation at the local and international levels.


  1. Provide joint program between architecture and plastic art.
  2. Development of the graduates' aesthetic taste.
  3. Meet the need for qualified staff in the labour market so as to link interior design to architecture and new technologies in urban development.

Educational outcomes:

This graduate of interior design helps in organizing, improving and developing the architectural structure and environment in the Sudan.

Career opportunities:

The graduate of interior design can work in various engineering corporations and companies in Sudan and worldwide.

Conditions of acceptance:

Acceptance of the student will be subject to the terms prescribed by the Ministry of High Education. The success in no less than 6 subjects in Sudanese certificate is required.

The curriculum for the Diploma in Interior Design:

Year Course Name
First Year
  1. Islamic Studies 1
  2. Arabic Language 1
  3. English Language 1
  4. Free hand drawing
  5. Aesthetics
  6. Introduction to Computer Sciences
  7. Islamic Studies 2
  8. Arabic Language 2
  9. English Language 2
  10. Architectural drawing
  11. Computer design
  12. 3 diminution design
  13. Workshop (1)
Second Year
  1. Interior design studio
  2. History of building
  3. Explanatory Models
  4. Theory of design
  5. Computer design (2)
  6. Workshop (2)
  7. Interior design studio (2)
  8. Graphic design
  9. Building materials
  10. Computer Design (3)
  11. Workshop (3)
  12. Constructions
Third Year
  1. Construction materials
  2. Material Tech.
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Residential Interior design
  5. Computer design (4)
  6. Design psychology
  7. Digital imaging
  8. Report writing
  9. Advance interior design studies
  10. Graduation project
Mohamed Elhag Mohamed Siddig
Mustafa Abdu
Tamer Samy
Babikir Kamal
Aziza Omer