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Diploma in Civil Engineering

Admission Code 0000
Classification Diploma
Course Mode Full Time
Course Duration 3 Years (15 weeks per semester)
Intakes September


Civil Engineering Department,which was established in 2015, is one of the key departments in the College. The Department offers diploma program in civil engineering. Civil Engineering Department comprises a selection of distinguished faculty members, and substantive experts stationed in plants and workshops. There are different sections which include: fluid laboratory, Concrete plant, Sanitary engineering laboratory, Plant size, Plant soil, Plant methods, Plant physicsand, Civil engineering lab , Computer lab , Carpentry workshop and Workshop buildings. In addition to the drawing theatre and three well equipped halls to complete the teaching cycle.

The preparation of the study plans in the section has been carried out by worldwide distinguished professors; and the contents are updated with the latest developments in the field so as to produce highly professional civil engineers.

Alsalama college has striven to develop a diploma program in civil engineering to supply the local, the Arab and the regional markets with the human resources and engineering capabilities required to serve the economic and social development so as to ensure the harmonization between the education outputs and the labour market in Civil Engineering .

The specialization plan focuses on important issues that contribute to raise the efficiency of the graduates in areas such as project and construction management, the use of specialized software design, modern tests, and familiarity with knowledge of specifications of Sudan Building Code, calculation of quantities and economies, selection and calculation of machines' efficiency, as well as to know the monthly report of financial flows, and the coordination of operations.

As for the rationale behind the development of the Alsalama College , it seeks to provide qualified human resources in the disciplines of civil engineering and construction management to contribute to the implementation of comprehensive development plans taking place in the Sudan and to better optimizethe infrastructure , human resources , diversified technology and the equipment at the college's departments, as well as carrying out applied scientific research in collaboration with the college departments, particularly those which focus on productivity so as to find an academic common ground capable to bridge the gap between the academic institutions and the market need; and help solve the problems facing the construction and building sector locally and regionally.

The Civil Engineering program also aims to encourage studies and scientific research that contribute to solve the technical problems in Sudanthe by linking the findings of applied scientific research to the needs of the production and service sectors.Another aim is to enrich knowledge by establishing active partnerships with the local and international institutions to promote both the instruction process and the scientific research.

Degree awarded:

This program awards a diploma degree in Civil Engineering in the event of the successful completion of the program which has three academic years divided into (6) six semesters.


A distinguished graduate to serve the community in Civil Engineering field.


To contribute to society progress through:

  1. Providing high-quality civil engineering education to produce competitive capabilities and innovative engineering staff.
  2. Developing scientific research so as to provide new solutions to improve the quality of life since this contributes to boost the economic development and sustainable development.
  3. Providing an effective source of qualified engineering expertise to meet the market needs through training and consultations to government and industry.


The program aims to prepare qualified and leading civil engineers theoretically and practically in the field of civil engineering in line with the local and Arab situation.

To achieve this, the College set a study plan to meet the actual requirements of the program in order to develop the student's scientific competence to enable them deal with the arising community issues.

In the same context ,the college has employed a well qualified and experienced staff in Civil Engineering , as well as providing the department with specialized labs and devices to help students accomplish their required tasks.Another aim is to develop the utilization of computer and IT skills within the field.

Educational outcomes:

The holder of the 3-year diploma certificate in civil engineering would finally be able to do the following:

  1. Apply the basic sciences.
  2. Work in accordance with the ethics of the profession.
  3. Communicate with others effectively.
  4. Teamwork.
  5. Operations and business practice in the field of civil engineering in accordance with local, regional and international scientific development.
  6. Use the engineering information systems to assist in making decisions about architecture in its various branches.
  7. Management of primary and secondary engineering information more efficiently by using the computer in how to analyze, evaluate and write reports related to civil engineering in both Arabic and English.

Career opportunities:

The civil engineer is the engineer in charge of the development of construction designs for architectural schemes which match the prescribed international standards and supervises its implementation on site as:-

  1. Structural designs engineer
  2. Do speculative and costs calculations
  3. Executive engineer
  4. Construction site director
  5. Water Engineer
  6. Roads and bridges engineer
  7. Infrastructure Engineer
  8. Project management director
  9. Director of buildings and bridges payloads calculations
  10. Quality control engineer
  11. Construction sites safety engineer
  12. Bombing engineer

Conditions of acceptance:

The success in no less than 6 subjects in Sudanese certificate is required

Three academic years divided into six (6) semesters to award a diploma degree in civil engineering. The following tables show the distribution of the different courses of cognitive areas of the semester:

Year Course Name
First Year
  1. Islamic Studies 1
  2. Arabic Language 1
  3. English Language 1
  4. Calculation
  5. General physics
  6. Introduction to Computer Sciences
  7. Engineering Drawing 1
  8. Diacritics and Workshops 1
  9. Engineering Geology
  10. Islamic Studies 2
  11. Arabic Language 2
  12. English Language 2
  13. Analytical Engineering
  14. Environment and Computer Equipment
  15. Engineering Drawing 2
  16. Diacritics and Workshops 2
  17. Civil Engineering Materials
Year Two
  1. Sudanese Studies
  2. Differential Equations
  3. Mechanics of Materials
  4. Construction Theory
  5. Hyderologia and Hidrelika
  6. Surveying 1
  7. Concrete Technology
  8. Engineering Economics
  9. Occupational Safety
  10. Computer Applications
  11. Reinforced Concrete Design 1
  12. Construction Engineering
  13. Surveying 2
  14. Sanitary Engineering
Year Three
  1. Reinforced Concrete Design 2
  2. Soil Mechanics
  3. Analysis of Constructions
  4. Roads Engineering
  5. Structural Details
  6. External Training 1
  7. Graduation Project 1
  8. Industrial Administration
  9. Foundations Engineering
  10. Steel Facilities Design
  11. Estimations and Calculations of Quantities
  12. External Training 2
  13. Graduation Project 2
Mudathir Abdallah Othman Faqiri
Abu Alnoor Abideen Ali Abu Alnoor
Mohammad Ali Okasha Mohammad
Eman Hassan Mohammad Khair
Mohammad Jibril Hamid Alajab
Sir Abdel Khaliq Abdel Rahman
Mohammad Muzammil Basheer