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B.Sc. (honors) Architecture

Admission Code 815-6-581100
Classification BA (Hons)
Course Mode Full Time
Course Duration 5 Years (15 weeks per semester)
Intakes September


The program of architecture in Alsalama college was founded in the year of 2014. The system of the study is based on accredited hours and classrooms. It gives the bachelor's honor degree in architecture.In view of the importance of infrastructure and facilities in the teaching of the requirements of the specialization theoretical and practical, the College has provided, three drawing rooms, computer laboratory, a laboratory science museum of architecture and building materials, and a laboratory for architectural models, carpentry workshop, metalworking, and the work of the buildings, and the permanent presentation of the work of the students.
It also provides overall all the necessary to encourage members of the teaching staff of scientific research, such as support for their attendance at global conferences inside and outside the State, and to create the necessary sources and references, computers, and securing adequate financial allocations to meet the requirements of scientific research and dissemination of culture.
Also the college and invites other important personalities specialized scientific lectures. It also constitutes arbitration committees from within and outside the college distinct practitioners in the profession, to assess projects academic students, to achieve more openness to the community and to take advantage of its energies, in order to ensure the objectivity and integrity in governance.
In order to enrich public and private experiences of students, the College is an architectural competitions, and to meet the calls by other institutions to participate in local and international, as well as to field trips meaningful scientific, inside and outside the State.
In the interest of the College to attract good quality of students it requires examination measures the awareness of visual capabilities to the student, and sense of bloc formations, technical skills in the design of things around it, to the general conditions set by the College in accordance with accreditation standards and acceptance.

Degree awarded:

This program will give the Honor Bachelor's degree in Architecture. It will be given in case of certified successful completion of the program and which contains number of hours certified typically complemented in five years Academy (ten semesters).


Leadership in architecture by preparing the student to exercise science and architectural design also different architecture of building that based on an integrated educational system and sophisticated subject to global standards and local quality of university education, and keep abreast of developments and global developments and community service and scientific research.


College is open to the local community, through projects for students connected with reality, addressed to meet the needs of the Community and its aspirations, the present and the future.


The program aims to rehabilitate students who are specialists in engineering architecture to meet the need in the labor market is now and in the near future and which is expected to be the expansion of the use of architecture. And for this, the program aims to graduate students and the knowledge and understanding of:

  1. The preparation of specialized individuals in architecture.
  2. To contribute to the shortfall in the need for the various engineering and industrial sectors in the field of architecture.
  3. Keeping up with new developments in the field of architecture.
  4. Enable graduate of taking decisions in the field of architecture, which will help in the development of its activity and its institutions.
  5. Development of skills of graduates in the field of architecture.
  6. Building a generation of graduates who have an integrated planning and forecasting the capacity building needs in long-term and short term industrial institutions on different types.
  7. Development of skills of graduates in scientific research capacity and continuing education in the field of architecture.

Educational outcomes:

At the successfully ending the program , honor bachelor degree will be given and the graduates will be able to:

  1. Application of the basic sciences.
  2. The ethics of the profession in general and profession architecture in particular.
  3. Communicate with others effectively.
  4. Work effectively as team.
  5. Ability to practice operations and work in the field of architecture in accordance with scientific development local, regional and international levels.
  6. The use of information systems engineering to help in making decisions in architecture and various branches.
  7. The management of primary and secondary information of engineering in more efficient manner using computer in how to analyze and evaluate and write reports to senior management In both English and Arabic languages.

Career opportunities:

The graduates will be able to work effectively in the following jobs:


Conditions of acceptance:

The acceptance is subjected to the terms of acceptance students of the General Public Administration according to conditions of acceptance BA architecture students in higher education institutions and foreign civil.

The requirement of the admission to B.Sc. (honors) Architecture is the pass in the following seven subjects:

  • English Language
  • Arabic Language
  • Religious Education
  • Maths specialized
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Any of the (Computer Science or Engineering Science)
The curriculum for the B.Sc. (honors) Architecture:

Year Course Name
First Year
  1. Islamic Studies 1
  2. Arabic Language 1
  3. English Language 1
  4. Mathematics
  5. Architectural Design 1
  6. Building Materials
  7. Theory of Architectural 1
  8. Workshops 1
  9. Islamic Studies 2
  10. Arabic Language 2
  11. English Language 2
  12. Architectural Deign 2
  13. Building Construction 1
  14. History of Architecture 1
  15. Architectural Science 1
  16. Structural Mechanics 1
Second Year
  1. Arabic Language 3
  2. English Language 3
  3. Introduction to Computer Science
  4. Architectural Design 3
  5. Building Construction 2
  6. Architectural Science 2
  7. Theory of Architectural 2
  8. Structural Mechanics 2
  9. Landscape
  10. Architectural Design 4
  11. History of Architecture 2
  12. Building Services Systems 1
  13. Building Construction 3
  14. Surveying
  15. Architectural Science 3
  16. Computer Applications 1
  17. Structural Design 1
Third Year
  1. Islamic Contracts
  2. Architectural Design 5
  3. Planning & Housing 1
  4. Building Services Systems 2
  5. Structural Design 2
  6. Measurements & Specifications
  7. Theory of Architectural 3
  8. History of Architecture 3
  9. Computer Applications 2
  10. Sudanese Studies
  11. Occupational and Environmental Safety
  12. Architectural Design 6
  13. Building Construction 4
  14. Computer Applications 3
  15. Planning & Housing 2
  16. Architectural Science 4
  17. Building Services Systems 3
Fourth Year
  1. Architectural Design 7
  2. Engineering Economics
  3. Scientific Research Methodology
  4. Computer Applications 4
  5. Workshop 2
  6. Optional Subject 1
  7. Architectural Design 8
  8. Building Construction 5
  9. Architectural History 4
  10. Engineering Projects Management
  11. Optional Subject 2
Fifth Year
  1. Ethics
  2. Architectural Design 9
  3. Graduation Project 1
  4. Building Code
  5. Graduation Project 2
Faiha Nasreddin Badawi Mohammad
Fatima Altayeb Mohamed Ahmed
Abdallah Mohammad Awadallah Ahmad
Ahmed AbdElrahim Bakhit