Welcome to Alsalama College of Science & Technology

About Alsalama College of Science and Technology


The idea of the college a raised on the basis of the importance of university education and as a result of existence gap in governmental university education services, which require the involvement the private sector that have a role in human development, public and university education in special case. The college efforts concentrated to graduate distinct students in various community's required fields .

Origin and Establishment:

Alsalama College of Science and Technology was founded in July 2014, under a decision of the President of the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research, to contribute with their counterparts from the national higher education and foreign institutions to meet the increasing demand for higher education in Sudan and to afford the community and labor market in locally and internationally with qualified candidates who lead the wheel of development and the improvement of their societies.


About higher education based on the rules of scientific research and technical applications and experimentation, leading to output meet the needs of the community and labor market in local, regional and international levels.


  1. Establish a partnership between higher education institutions in Sudan and the community to realize values of knowledge , growth and prosperity and to develop scientific research.
  2. Build internal and external partnerships in the fields of engineering and technological education, and other science according to the needs of the labor market.
  3. Access to national leadership and excellence in academic, technological and information system.


The values that reflect the community, it is ethics and culture is the most important pillars of the college which derived its ideology from the values of science , faith, freedom, justice, dignity , humanity and scientific honesty.


  1. Pay attention to national and foreign higher Education.
  2. Fill the gap in national and foreign higher education.
  3. Increase the opportunities for students of the Sudanese and technical certificates who qualified for admission under the terms of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  4. Different sectors of society through service and Continuing Education Unit.
  5. Link the scientific method with scientific modes by providing the best types of laboratories , workshops , tools and equipment that suitable to each field.
  6. Interest in engineering studies and development and link it to development plans .
  7. Development of studies and scientific research and convert the results and output to participate in social, economic and environmental development in Sudan.
  8. Realize the academic stability and join to modern science to be updated with events and university festivals and consolidate the relations with counterpart institutions and link scientific research with development plans in Sudan.


The college is located in Khartoum North - Street rescue / East presidency railway next to the Bee petrol station on an area of 23,000 m2. The college has a number of buildings such as administrator's offices ,classrooms, computer labs , Engineering and workshops equipped with the latest teaching methods such as audio, video and others and sports yards.